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We are a disability support service team that works alongside our participants to provide the best possible support.
A disability support workers role involves helping clients with daily tasks, providing companionship, encouraging social outings and more.
As support workers, it’s our job to help clients achieve their goals and live life to their fullest potential. This career path is both challenging and rewarding.

Taylor Morris

Managing director | Regional manager

Taylor’s journey in support work stems from a deep-seated passion for helping individuals achieve their life goals and maintain independence in daily living.

Possessing qualifications in disability care and related sectors within the healthcare industry, Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role. Her expertise extends across various areas, from providing support to children to delivering long-term in-home care. Taylor is unwavering in her commitment to sharing her wealth of knowledge with both clients and colleagues, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Driven by an unrelenting desire to make a positive impact, Taylor ensures that all clients and team members at Equality Life receive the guidance and support needed to create meaningful differences in their lives. Her dedication to empowering others is evident in every aspect of her work, making her an invaluable asset to the Equality Life community.

“Quality supports ensure equality in life.” – Taylor Morris

Allyson Morris

Managing director | HR

Ally brings a robust background in Work Health and Safety, Injury Management, and Disability Employment Services to her professional journey. With over 20 years of experience, Ally has held senior management roles spanning diverse industries, including the mining sector and food/farm production.

Throughout her career, Ally has honed her focus on Injury Management and Disability Employment Services, accumulating extensive expertise and comprehensive knowledge in these critical areas. Her commitment to these fields is marked by a wealth of experience, making her a seasoned professional in creating supportive environments for individuals with diverse needs.

In her current role, Ally serves as a catalyst for business expansion and the formation of strategic partnerships. Her holistic approach to supporting individuals living with disabilities is a defining aspect of her philosophy in the disability sector. Ally’s dedication to fostering collaborative relationships and driving organizational growth positions her as a leader committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those she serves.

“I have dedicated the majority of my working life to ensuring all people have a fair and equal opportunity in life”
– Allyson Morris

Anna Biro


Over the past six years, she has dedicated her career to the disability sector, commencing as a Disability Employment Consultant with Maxima in Mount Barker and Strathalbyn. In this role, she played a pivotal part in assisting individuals with disabilities in their pursuit of employment. Motivating them to progress into education and/or employment was a central aspect of her responsibilities.

Her journey into this field began with a personal connection—she was invited to join the team following her own recovery from an injury that rendered her unable to work for a few years. This firsthand experience allowed her to empathize with individuals facing similar challenges and highlighted the transformative power of progressing into employment to regain confidence and motivation.

During her tenure with Maxima, she obtained a Certificate IV in Mental Health, adding a formal dimension to her experiential understanding of working with individuals with mental health conditions. Beyond formal education, her lifelong exposure to family and friends living with mental health concerns further deepened her understanding and commitment to mental health advocacy.

It is fair to say that her passion for comprehending mental health has been a constant driving force throughout her career. She remains dedicated to leveraging both learned and lived experiences to contribute meaningfully to the well-being and empowerment of individuals in the disability sector.

“I’m very excited to join the Equality Life team as the new Care Coordinator.” – Anna Brio

Equality Life Disability Support Workers

Equality Life Disability Support Workers comprises a team of over 40 extensively trained professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive support across a spectrum of disabilities. Our diverse team of support workers ensures that we can offer tailored assistance to meet the unique needs of individuals requiring disability support.

We collaborate closely with support coordinators, allied health practitioners, and therapy-based professionals to enhance the effectiveness of our support services. Our committed staff is dedicated to assisting you in achieving your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) goals. At Equality Life, we prioritize personalized care and a holistic approach to empower individuals with disabilities on their journey towards improved well-being and independence.

Paige Kneebone

Intake and respite coordinator | Aboriginal liaison officer 

As a proud Indigenous woman, she brings six years of invaluable experience in the residential and home care industry, complemented by a Cert III in Individual Support. Throughout her career, she has been driven by a passion for assisting individuals in achieving their day-to-day living skills and goals.

Her professional journey evolved into a full-time role within a residential care facility, where she demonstrated unwavering commitment to providing care to vulnerable individuals. This experience served as the foundation for her expertise and steadfast dedication to supporting those with diverse needs.

Specializing in psychosocial disabilities, care coordination in disability support, and disability support work, she has directed her focus towards helping participants lead fulfilling lives. She is deeply committed to leveraging both her lived experience and qualifications to empower individuals facing unique challenges, guiding them towards a life of dignity and independence.

Armed with a Cert IV in Leadership and Management, she possesses the skills to lead and guide teams within the care environment. This qualification enhances her ability to advocate for quality care standards, creating an environment conducive to holistic and personalized support. She is driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to compassionate care, and she is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

Allanah Eyles

Xero expert | payroll | invoicing | traineeship management | placement management

Allanah brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of disability support and project assistance. With a dedicated career spanning two years in disability support work, she has demonstrated a profound commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with diverse needs.

In addition to her impactful contributions in disability support, she has spent two years excelling in project support and bookkeeping roles. Her proficiency in project support, coupled with a keen eye for detail in bookkeeping, reflects her multifaceted skill set.

Her passion for creating positive change and her adeptness in managing projects make her a valuable asset to any team. Her dedication to providing compassionate care in disability support and her organizational acumen in project management underscore her commitment to making meaningful contributions in both professional spheres.

Michelle Gacia

Business admin

With a steadfast commitment to assisting individuals and a passion for making a positive impact, she initiated her career as a disability employment consultant. Additionally, she served as an Employment Partner at Wise Employment in Mount Barker, where she gained valuable insights into the barriers faced by individuals with disabilities in achieving fulfilling lives.

She brings to the team her formal qualifications, including a Cert III in Education Support and a Cert IV in Employment Services. Currently, she is actively pursuing a Diploma in Leadership and Management to further enhance her skill set.

Joining Equality Life presents an exceptional opportunity for her to leverage these qualifications and support dedicated professionals in improving people’s quality of life. This transition allows her to contribute to the creation of an empowered society where individuals can pursue happiness and embrace the sources of joy in their lives.

Rosh (Roisin) Moyne

Complex care coordination | 24/7 in-home care coordination

Rosh began her journey in the disability industry in 2016 after completing her Certificate 4 in Community Services. As a Program Support Officer, she played a crucial role in collaborating with professionals such as Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Developmental Educators, and Social Workers. This experience significantly expanded her understanding of the diverse facets of disability support.

In early 2023, she enhanced her qualifications by completing a Certificate 3 in Individual Support (Disability). Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Social Work, with the aim of deepening her knowledge and making a more significant contribution to the field.

Her motivation in the disability sector is both professional and personal. A family member receiving support through the NDIS has fueled her dedication to the field, as she has witnessed the positive impact of quality support on individuals and their networks.

Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in the simplicity of life. In her spare time, she is an avid camper and nature enthusiast. Last year, she and her family embarked on an unforgettable journey, completing a half lap around Australia. They explored the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania, witnessing the beauty of diverse landscapes. Having settled back in Mannum, she is relishing the opportunity to immerse herself in the local community and continue contributing to the welfare of individuals in the disability sector.

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