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We are a disability support service team that works alongside our participants to provide the best possible support.
A disability support workers role involves helping clients with daily tasks, providing companionship, encouraging social outings and more.
As careers, it’s our job to help clients achieve their goals and live life to their fullest potential. This career path is both challenging and rewarding.

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Taylor Morris



Taylor’s career in support work emanated from a passion to help people achieve life goals and maintain independence in everyday living.

With qualifications in both disability care and related areas within the health care sector, combined with extensive training and experience in areas ranging from children support’s through to long-term in-home care, Taylor has an unrelenting desire to share her knowledge in this field with both clients and colleagues. This drive ensures that all Equality Life clients and team members are well supported to make a difference in their own lives.

“Quality supports ensure equality in life.” – Taylor Morris
Profile - Allyson Morris

Allyson Morris


Ally comes from a background in Work Health and Safety, Injury Management and Disability Employment Services. She has extensive experience in senior management roles in a diversity of areas ranging from the mining sector through to food/farm production. Injury Management and Disability Employment services have been her major focus for the past 10 years giving Ally extensive experience and a comprehensive knowledge in these areas. Ally’s role is to champion business expansion and the formation of strategic partnerships. Ally’s holistic approach to those living with disability is a hallmark of her philosophy in the disability sector.
“I have dedicated the majority of my working life to ensuring all people have a fair and equal opportunity in life”
– Allyson Morris
Profile - Tiffany Henderson

Anna Biro


I’ve been working in the disability
sector for the last 6 years, starting out as a Disability Employment Consultant with Maxima in Mount Barker and
Strathalbyn, assisting people with disability seek employment. This role involved motivating people to progress into
education and/or employment. I was first invited to join this team following the recovery of my own injury, where I was
unable to work for a few years. This helped me to understand what people go through while they’re unable to work and
how progression into employment assists people to regain their confidence and motivation. I gained my Certificate IV in
Mental Health while I was with Maxima, giving me the learned experience with people mental health conditions. I also
have a lifetime of lived experience, having family and friends who live with mental health concerns. Needless to say, my
passion to understand mental health has always been there.

“I’m very excited to join the Equality Life team as the new Care Coordinator.” – Anna Brio
Profile - Deborah Cotter

Deborah Cotter


Deb has been a registered nurse for 12 years and specialised in chronic disease for over 8 of those years.

She has experience working with clients with various health issues including diabetes, arthritis, MND, physical and psycho-social disabilities and various other conditions. Deb became a Disability Support worker to use her experience and knowledge to enable clients to be the best they can be medically and socially. She embraces the biopsychosocial model of care which ensure her clients receive the best support in the areas that are needed the most. Being a nurse enables Deb, to not only help with day to day needs of clients, but also assist with conditions that are often associated with disability.

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